Why women’s body are soft , what is the reason ?


All we know women means soft and silky body. It’s not just an idea, the reality is so. Girls body is more soft than boys. But Why women’s body are soft ? What is the explanation of the science behind it? According to science, the report concluded that for three cause- genes, hormones and life style.


For the much more estrogen and hormones in the women’s body, their skin is oily and skin is more soft feelings. The main factors behind women’s soft body, is genes. Primitive man and woman was strong and muscular body because they always fought with nature and work hard to live.


With the beginning of civilization, women’s role has to change day by day. Instead of extremely hard physical labor became accustomed to the relatively light homework. This practice has been carried in the genes for almost two thousand years. Therefore  the formation of the primitive women’s genes and with the genes of the modern woman is...

different, particularly in terms of physical tenderness,


Researcher prove that for ages genes from one generation to another generation of girls being carried out of the body is the main cause tenderness. The amount of fatty tissue in the woman’s body is much more than boy. The girls are much thinner bones than boys, its also a reason- why the women’s body are soft.


Also Women have extra layer of fat under the skin which makes Women’s skin softer than men’s skin. In addition to different sex organs, males and females have differing amounts of certain hormone, estrogen in the body. That’s one of most important and primary reason- why women’s body are soft, as well as male and female bodies are different.

What kind of a woman’s life will depend on how the body will be soft. The woman into home work, her body should be soft naturally then the women was mountaineering.

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