Vegetables which increase nutritional value after boiled

nutritional-value-after-boiledWe think and believe that raw vegetables contain more nutrients than cooked vegetables. But some researchers have proved this is wrong. Modern researchers have discovered there are some vegetables which increase nutritional value after boiled. Means after cooked its vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients increased double or more.
Let we know the name of these kind of vegetables.


1. Carrot : Boil the carrots with a little amount of water and salt. If you want something You can pay with chili powder. This boiled carrots is good for the eyes.


2. Potato : Potato is a favorite vegetable to many people. But some people like avoid potato, as they think it fatty.
When the potatoes are cooked, can reduce the calories. So those who want to lose weight, they can eat potatoes.


3.Beet: Beet help to increases blood circulation in the body. To fix the menstrual problem, beet plays an important role and work as medicine to cure some menstrual problem. Experts say, Its healty if...

beet should cooked just three minutes, not more.


4. Beans : The amount of boiled beans mixed with a little salt and pepper can make it very beneficial for patients with diabetes. According to experts, the beans should be boiled for at least six minutes.


5. Indian spinach: According to the researchers, cooked green leafy vegetables is better and can be harvested. Among them, fenugreek seeds and Indian spinach boiled over when the material is healthy.


6. Sweet corn: Eating boiled corn’s nutritional value is much higher. These nutrients and fiber, which works to prevent constipation.


7. Sweet potato : Eat boiled sweet potatoes are good for health. There are a lot of carbohydrates, which can increase the value realized.


8. Cabbage : This is even more delicious when cabbage is boiled . It’s the perfect Stew is a smell, which can be used to enhance food flavor.

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