What role do logic and emotions play in sales?

and emotions play in salesWhoever is active in sales has a lot to do with logic and emotions. However, the human being is by nature such that he reacts more strongly to emotions. A buyer develops feelings when buying a product and feels happy or is excited. How can professional salespeople reach their customers through different emotions?
All people make your purchase decisions to 90% based on emotions, so you have as a seller no choice but to sell through emotions. Important principle here is: Sell your customers what they want and not what you need.
It’s amazing, but really true. Engineers, accountants, managers, lawyers, housewives and ministers, truckers and farmers – we all make basically all our decisions based on emotion and not logic. Logic supports our emotions and is used to justify our decisions after we have met them. Logic plays a role, but emotions play the most important role in our buying decisions.
You could also express it like this: A product for which people have little emotion left, is very difficult to sell or has very small profit...

margins. Look at an ad or brochure. If the advertisement in these ads or brochures is not provocative or emotive, then you can immediately assume that this advertisement is unsuccessful.
Some marketers and advertising managers think emotions have no place in business-to-business marketing. These people are 100% out of place. In fact, it is the biggest mistake in marketing to be boring. If your advertising is boring, you have no chance. If you can not say anything exciting about your product, then you sell another product. But do not be boring.
Obviously, your message does not have to provoke the emotions of your customers, as often seen on TV late at night. You need to find out what your customers love and what they hate, what keeps them awake at night, what triggers them in ulcers and the catastrophic events they fear most. You have to design your products emotionally in such a way that they address the needs of your customer.
All great leaders and managers, all major marketers, all the great teachers, and all the great product designers learned how to deal with the emotions of the people with whom they work together, and how they can turn these on and off at will. This is the largest and most profitable art in sales and marketing.
Because: emotions are colorful, dramatic, exciting and essential dimensions of each person’s experience. These primitive mechanisms send a constant stream of powerful signals that accompany us on the difficult way of selling, captivating customers and moving to action.

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