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make_money_onlineThe purpose of this article is to show my readers how to making money with mylot.
Most people don’t know that is a fantastic way to earn decent income online. So to begin with, what is Mylot?

Mylot is one of the best online communities and have up to 180.000 members. It’s a fastest growing money making websites on the Internet that pays you to discuss. You can meet with lots of people from all around the world. You can make friendship with many of them. You can talk , discuss and share knowledge- idea about any kind of issue like friendship, relationship, people, society, hobbies, music, economics, environment, social condition, child, money, make money online, whatever you wish. The plus is MYLOT Pays you for posts, share ideas and participate with any discussion. Mylot is full of knowledge and you can get a lot of ideas, resources from them that will also help you generate your online earning. When your account reaches ten dollars, you can withdraw your money through paypal . So you will also need a PAYPAL account in order to be paid. If you already have paypal account, that would be great. If you no have, you can create paypal account by clicking here. Mylot is free to join and use, So don’t delay to join by on the banner below and enjoy making money.

After open mylot website by click the above banner , you have to click on “Sign Up” link at very top of right side corner. Choose a user name, fill out registration form with necessary information. Make sure that all the information...

is accurate and correct and submit the form by clicking “ Sign Me Up “, then you will receive a confirmation email to you email address, what email address you used to the registration form. Inside of the confirmation email you will get a link to activate/confirm your mylot account. Click on the link, That all and now you are a member of mylot.
The 2nd step to sign in with mylot, using your user name and password. Develop your profile to put some additional info, add some category of interest by clicking “My Interest” that you like and feel easy to write about it.
The 3rd step to start earning, There are several ways to make money with mylot. Here we learn 4 of them:
Reply to other’s discussions and question: You have to click on the discussion tab, Select the topic that you feel comfort and easy to reply. Try to make answer or discussion as much detail as possible and no less then 3 lines.
Start Discussion or ask question: Whenever you start a discussion or ask a question that someone else gives an answer to, you earn. Also you should make response on what reply you received from others. More response you received and make, more money will be earned by you.

Add images: You will try to add relevant image with your discussion and reply , because mylot pays for images. Remember that adding image double your potential earnings. So personally I always submit relevant image to boost mylot income and I honestly say that I spend 1-2 hour each day and earn 130$+ every month.
Referrals: Referring others people to Mylot is quickest ways to multiply your income. Mylot pays you 25(twenty five) percent of what your referral is earning. That equals $0.25 for you for every dollar your referral makes. If you have hundred referrals, and if every 1 earn average 1.00$ per day, you will get $0.25 per day that equals $25.oo per day for 100 referrals or $750.00 every month. So you will not stop trying to get referrals. I currently have 28 referrals account and almost my 80% mylot earning comes from referrals commissions. You will need your referral link to get credit for inviting friends. Here are the steps to locate your Mylot referral link.
1. Click on the Earnings button on the top menu 2. Click on the Referrals tab
3. Referral link will be at bottom of page.

Few useful thing to know : You have to read and know mylot rules and terms. Keep post quality responses, relevant discussions and images. Make friends as many as you can at Mylot. Rate and review their post, topic and discussions. In turn many will rate and review yours. This will help you to increase your earning at Mylot.
Enjoy !!

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