How to Catch a Cheating Spouse

cheatingspouseIf all the cheating signs are there and you have real cause to suspect or believe that your husband/wife is cheating. In this situation be careful and do not confront or accuse your spouse until you have legal standards of proof in hand. Do not threaten her because if you’re wrong, you may be messing up big time. If you are right, do remember, spouse who do cheat usually do so in a very well planned. So catching a cheater can be tricky. But don’t worried and don’t lose the hope, these days it can’t be very difficult to catch and it’s easier than ever to find out what’s really going on with you.

When you strongly suspect that you have a cheating spouse, here are some proven methods and tools that will help confirm your suspicions.

Cell phone:
First you have to buy and bring a bluetooth head phone device built in recorder. Ask to borrow his/her cell phone to make a call. Make a call to your relatives or friend, start talking and go to another room or little far with phone if at all possible. Cut off the call, find the function of bluetooth, and activate it carefully next to the recorder. Back the cell phone to your spouse. Now you are ready to go and just wait. It’s pretty sure your cheating spouse is not going to call up her/his dog while you are around. So you should have acting to...

sleep in your bed room and wait for the time to phone call come or call make by your spouse. Listen to what happens next. If the conversation are doubtful, if you think this is what you have needed and looking for just record the lovey-dovey ramblings.

Record digitally with a hidden cameras
Due to your business or job, if you stay long hours at office or go out of home a lot, consider using a hidden camera to catch a cheating spouse. Hidden camera is an amazing tool come in many shape and size. Looks like a real pen, watch, wall clock, teddy bear etc, they are wireless, can see and record in darkness as well as day night. So it will very easy to use, just keep them in the room or place you want. Turn on you hidden spy camera and let them capture your cheating suspicious spouse with new partner in all the action.

Pay attention to your spouse’s computer or laptop:
When your spouse not around, you can investigate his or her computer, look at history, emails, recent applications, chats, skype conversation, facebook account, instant message etc. Also check the trash box, your spouse obviously very careful and used to throw things in the trash box for safety but s/he might forget to empty the trash box in the end and you can find some useful evidence there. And if you failed to access password protected applications, you have to install some specialized but hidden software that can open door for you. Using google search you will easily find this kind of remote spy software.

Set a trap
Cheating spouse usually cheat when you out of town. Tell your spouse that you have an official or business tour and you are leaving for a couple of days. Make sure you have placed hidden spy cam and long recording voice recorder in the safe location of your room and then you leave home but stay secretly close to home and take a suitable place from where you can see your home entrance. Wait to see your spouse going out of home or some one come to the home. Keep an eye and follow to him/her from the safe distance. You might able to discover, something extra special.

All of these are several practical methods that you can use to get a clear picture about your spouse and to discover the truth. Good luck.

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