Why do girls love affair?

After marriage, having romantic or sexual relationship with a man or women other then husband or wife, called love affair.  We know there are many kinds of love in human society!  But love “affair” is a little different in the eyes of love for everyone to see. It’s a lot of ‘special’ kind of love, also this kind of thing takes precedence over emotional Activities.

Day by day love affair becoming very popular.  The love affair is widely seen among 30-48-year-old. and most of time we see a big age gap between man and women


That is why the love affair?

The first reason, you may be very busy with your business or job and may not able to give enough or quality time
and care at your husband or wife. So psychological distance is created between the husband and wife.
From a loneliness feeling your partner beginning to find someone who can remove loneliness and make fun in life.

Man and women, boys and girls do not get involved in love affair for the same reason.


Women are attracted to men’s intellectual, emotional, and financial resources  and...

the meet to physical needs On the other hand, men are generally are involved in love affair with the polygamous mentality.  If they see someone who has an affair with your friends, men still have more stories about sexual activity. On the other hand, women prefer their lovers to the intellectual and emotional activities.


There are some physical and emotional needs of every husband and wife. When these needs are not met, disillusion when the heart is still in pain began.


Indifference towards each other slowly separated her from behind a wife, or a wife has separated from her husband. Increased mental space. Due to the considerable turmoil began. And finally an love affair.


If the employee is a husband or a wife, they become attracted to someone of the opposite sex in their office. The majority of women as housewives across the rest after the wedding. Many of these housewives after marriage, loneliness, relationship and iron out any of their relatives or neighbors are involved with anyone in love affair.


Office colleagues or friends, still barely able to hear some of the stories to life, and the excitement involved love affair. America’s New Woman magazine survey of married women employees have been met with boyfriend in her office, workplace or club and disco. American society, infidelity rate is increasing day by day. According to a study by the University of Chicago, and 5 percent of men and 17 percent of women affair is not faithful to their husbands.

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