How to control excessive sexual desire ?

Some people have too much sexual desire and always feel horny. Their higher sex drive seems like it’s out of control and they drive constantly and it has started causing problems in life, work and socially. It makes him very depressed and also health conditions is affected.


However, solutions to controlling sexual desires cannot be done through a quick fix. It requires a lot of patience, thorough understanding and internal steadiness. Most important is a firm self commitment.


To control higher sexual desires, it is very important to stay away from the things that are increase desire. Do not look videos, images, or do not read the stories that are of sexual nature. Also avoid friends and company that encourage sexuality, Do not company or spend time, even do not look into the eyes of the opposite sex, you never know when desires can arise. All these are simply temporary solutions that will not completely destroy the seeds of
sexual desirableness. But will help you to overcome slowly.


Try to fully eradicate sexuality...

and its a important way to completely devalue it. Devalue means attraction to a opposite sex person, devalue sexual thought about opposite sex person’s body parts, etc.  and the pleasure you feel from sexual derived.


You should have think about all the ways that the sexual pleasure is merely illusory, and is only temporary.  After drive, body releases waste which smells awful. discharge smell so bad, imagine how Picturing the human body without skin.


Do not become curious related to sexuality. We tend and thoughts to expect that we will become very happy after having sex drive, but in the end, the satisfaction that we expected, should not come and never come. So do not try to become addicted, you must attain Self-realization.


Immerse yourself in a job you do like. Listen to your favorite music , watch movies, read poetry. Can read the story. You can very quickly suppress libido. Also you can sit outside on the balcony to see sky and nature.


Bring necessary change in your food, avoid food,which increase sex desire. For example – the pomegranate, watermelon, strawberries, bananas, almonds, grapefruits, any fat foods,  chocolate, red meat, etc.

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