Seven emotions drive your customer buying decisions

human emotions buyingWhat are emotions or emotions? Emotions and emotions are nothing more than a state of the mind that creates a conscious focus on a person or a certain mental and physical condition. The way we feel is probably the most important aspect of life. No matter what we want, whether to have more money, better relationships, more time or a better body, it all depends on emotions and feelings. So you do not want a better body or more money but the feelings that link you with more money or a better body. Emotions form the core of our lives, and especially the Seven emotions drive your customer buying decisions.
These emotions are not only anchored in our own minds – they are also “created” by ourselves. Some people think that the feelings they experience are completely outside their control, and that feelings are spontaneous responses to events in our lives. If we want to gain control of our emotions and emotions, especially about the seven human emotions, then we need to understand that the suppression of emotions causes more harm than a conscious deal with them.
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therefore, seven human feelings which determine the complete human behavior. In reality, however, there are only two human emotions or emotions that drive us. These two feelings are pain and joy. All we do in our lives, we do either for pain or for pleasure. These two categories of emotions contain all either seven “positive” e or seven “negative” human emotions. Jeremy Bentham once said, “Nature has brought mankind under the reign of two sovereign masters, pain and joy. It is for them alone to show what we are to do and to determine what we are doing.”
The seven positive feelings help us To more joy and quality of life, so we should always focus our thinking on them. The seven negative human emotions bring us in the direction of pain and so we should do everything we can to avoid these feelings. It is also important to note that we are doing more for generating painful feelings than for pleasant feelings, since this is instinctively in the nature of man.

The seven human feelings of pain are:
1. Anxiety
2. Hate
3. Anger
4. Greed
5. Jealousy
6. Revenge
7. Angerage

These feelings we should definitely try to avoid as they inevitably lead to painful experiences and emotion.

The 7 human emotions that bring joy to us are:
1. Love
2. Sex
3. Hope
4. Faith
5. Sympathy
6. Optimism
7. Loyalty
All emotions serve a purpose. We all want to experience the positive side of the 7 human emotions and can also use this knowledge when selling. If you manage to place these feelings on your customers, your product or service will sell itself. You will get

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