5 Sex tools to spicing up your love making for her

sextoolsMen and women both are crazier than ever are experimenting with their sexuality. They have become more aware of themselves and always look out for variety ways to improve their love making and tried to get knowledge– How to add more zing and energy. There are many way to follow, many are awesome. But I like to share few sex tools with you, what are really work nice to improve your love making for sure.

1. Vibrator
One of the more obvious and famous tools is a good vibrator. Most of women use the vibe on their own first to discover what works for their body. Using vibrator with right method is a buzz for body. Because that fits inside the vagina to massage the G-spot, begin clitoral stimulation. The result, women start getting excited fast. After she starts getting excited, you can penetrate her, push the penis closer to her G-spot, you’ll get to feel the sizzling vibrations too. However, numerous studies show that using a good vibrator has improved the level of sex satisfaction and can help to achieve better orgasms. So enjoy it and consider that just as a part of sex enhancer for both partners and is no replacement for any human bits.

2. Bedroom pillow
In long-term relationships, people can get bored with their sex life. To overcome this situation, you need to add something different to sex. An easy and better method is to change the style and position on sex. New positions or seldom used positions can makes sex feel a little taboo, which can be more exciting. You should talk with your partner about the...

position what feels excited and the things you might like to try. When trying new positions of sex, you may need a good pillow that could be used to your comfort sex journey. Without the good pillow, elbows, knees and other parts of the body become uncomfortable but when strategically placed a pillow, the pillow could make a great feeling and huge difference in your love making.

3. Sexual books and movies
Are you tired of losing interest or feel boring make love to your woman? Study found, the couples get bored with love making is that they do the same things every time. It would be worth investing in a good book or movie that provide more sexually explicit content tended to become sexually active, lead to the sex and help to grow knowledge about new positions, suggestions, female erogenous zones etc, and grow tendency to seek love making and intense sexual stimulation. People who reported reading book or watching steamy movies with more sexual content started to encourage sex. It’s proven, if the movie and book is dripping with sex that helps set the mood, you both will get hot and horny, and you’ll burn the popcorn.

4. Lubrication
Today dry vagina is common case during sex,” says clinical sexologist Patti Britton, Ph.D.”It’s hurting her, chafing you and making the sex unpleasant in general. Stress, birth-control pills, medication, undiagnosed yeast infections, breastfeeding etc are cause to dry things out and needs lubrication on your lady’s part. Don’t worried, try figuring out the actual reasons and perfect solutions will ensure that you both enjoy a pleasurable smooth ride. But again, if you don’t have a problem self-lubricating or you don’t have vaginal dryness, and you love sex harder, simply stop for a second to have store-bought lube. Right amount of lube can also help ease penetration and enhance lovemaking sessions. Be sure the extra slip and slide made sex more satisfying, boosts sensations and to be more sizzling of sex. Because it allows your man to ride longer and harder without causing you discomfort. Not only that, if you both like to enjoy anal sex, lubrication are must for pleasurable smooth movement.

5. Ambience
A romantic attachment one of important terms to having quality sex
Who looking to advance their sex life to the next level, they are not just looking for routine sex. They try to bring extra romance into their sexuality. Play some romantic music from during sex is making sex as an art, Dim lighting is also an ambience technique, When dim lighting combined with music, this is portrayed as the standard operating procedure for a lovely environment and would help get both of you in the mood for some serious love making. It’s really hugely beneficial to achieve better orgasms and highest pleasure. Having better orgasm, usually want repeat and more sex makes both partners happy.

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