3 Effective Ways to Use Your Blog to Earn Money From Home

moneyfromhomeThe aim to earn money from home with the power of the Internet has always been the major concern of most people. To solve that issue, here are most effective scam-free ways that anyone could use to make money online.

1. Be a Seller

Make your blog or site a web store for re-selling products or services. Simply write short reviews of products or services on your blog. An effective product review balances benefits with features. For example, if you like to write a product review as per a laptop brand, you will want to talk on its features such as processor speed, HDD capacity, RAM, and so on. But, the benefits should take priority since your aim is to share the relevance of that product to your visitors, who are possibly potential buyers. Here, you’re indirectly trying to convince the visitor on the reasons he/she needs to purchase the product. If such a visitor is a ready buyer and your review is excellent, you’ll make a sale through your own affiliate link.

2. Reap Cash from Clicks

You can monetize your blog with a Pay-per-click program such as Google AdSense...

and Chitika where relevant ads are displayed with your content; you make money when visitors click on those ads. The amount of money you can earn from a click largely depends on traffic volume, the cost of the optimized keywords and your content quality.

3. Get a Lead, Make Money

It’s a proven fact that one of the easiest ways to earn money from home is to promote a product that is based on a pay-per-lead arrangement. Find a product that has good potential on the niche of your choice. With your own affiliate link embedded in your post where you have made some reference to the product you are promoting in your blog post, interested readers would click through and then land affiliate squeeze page. You’ll earn money if the visitor signs up for the product. The person doesn’t have to buy anything. Only his or her email and name are needed to complete the deal.

Now, as regards using a blog to earn money from home, peradventure you wish to make $500 or more every month, begin by promoting a PPL product which pays $5 to $30 for each lead you generate. You need just 4 leads a day to reach that goal! Don’t forget to add Adsense or Chitika too.

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