3 Effective and tested methods to enlarge penis size

Boys penis, how big it is depends on the blood pressure.  A penis is a muscles. All other muscles, such as increased exercise, so penis will also increase through the exercise. If the exercise is not going to be regular, proper and perfect- all kind muscle may will reduce including penis.  There are some Penile Surgery can enlarge penis size for time. but it is not something permanent. Pump or some penis enlargement pills or supplements also available. But the exercise is better than everything to enlarge penis size.


There are three types of exercises to increase penis size.


1. Jelqing : First Wash the penis and remove the water. After take a bit of cream or gel slippery thing, (the oil should be ok). Well coated pennies with cream or slippery in the loose condition. do “OK” sign/ grip by he thumb and index finger. Now with the “OK” sign hold beginning of the pennies bit tightly and slowly stroke up the penis shaft toward the glans. It’s almost...

like masturbation. But note that with “ok grip” you only stroke up the penis shaft toward the glans. not stroke down to penis root. This brings nutrient rich blood into the penis


2. Stretching: This exercises are another great penis exercise for beginners, Hold the head of the penis in front of the five fingers and drag it to the front side. Hold 20 second carefully and in a manner so as not to slip. Release after 20 second and do the same 20 times, daily twice. This great exercise let more blood flow into penis. As a result, gradually enlarge penis size.


3. Shaking: Take your pennies an eyeball at the beginning of the first two fingers. Then it slowly start to be shaken and Speed up slowly. Thus, continuous shake 200- 250 times. By any chance may wake up your desire to masturbation. and erect. Try avoid it. But if you have erect, wait till the excitement subsided, resume shaking. It is expected to increase the blood circulation in your penis and enlarge penis size.

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